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A couple of people have asked. I usually aim to add something new every 7 – 10 days. However since last weekend it has been very wet, rain much of the time, even a short thunderstorm. There has been little opportunity to get out. Add to that a keyboard failure which meant I was unable to use my main resource for a couple of days, keyboard now replaced.

And my hot water system (gas heater) also broke down and was written off. The replacement cost €€€, so not in a good mood and that was before I received a mild electric shock from my washing machine.

What’s in store for me there I wonder? Expert advice is being sought but no doubt that measns more money, more expense and less to spend on beer.

Thinking of drink, we have the annual Albufeira wine festival coming up. Our visit will be on Monday afternoon, so all being well there will be some pictures of Albufeira’s finest enjoying themselves some time on Tuesday. It’s indoors!


3 Responses to “New posts?”

  1. Is the wine fair open to everyone? I will be travelling through and could do with some ‘education’!

    • Sorry Nick missed your question somehow, It is open to everyone. You pay €3 to go in. You get a commemorative glass. It’s polite to buy a bottle or six of something you really like. There’s food and ‘folklore’ type music, last year they had a demo of how to properly cut the top off a wine bottle when the cork won’t come out! And stuff like that. Many locals go on Monday when some good deals can be struck with the exhibitors. Same time next year?

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