Albufeira flood cleanup continues

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I had to be out and about today, dealing with mundane requirements of every day life, like getting my printer ink cartridge refilled and topping up my bus pass. I decided to take a closer look and the effect of the flood.

I have added some pictures to the album at The captions will tell you where to begin.

The Pingo Doce supermarket opposite the health centre has been completely gutted, down to the floor. The last remaining interior fittings are being taken away.

It will be some weeks before it can re-open.

Outside and along the shallow valley towards Camping Albufeira the effects of the flood can clearly be seen. The tunnel that takes the normal river flow underground for some distance must have been full. The overflow burst through the other culvert tunnel, flooded the valley and the waters built up and backed up right along. One set of steel floodgates has been bent right back, one other gate has simply vanished.

There is mud on top of the railing alongside the open part of the river, showing that the water level must have been about 5 metres above the normal riverbed.

At the tunnel under the main road, the doors are 3 metres high and the water was above that. Had the doors not been opened (either deliberately or just by the water) the level would have reached the top of the embankment on which the main road runs. Had that broken, things could have been even worse in town given the hundreds more tons of earth, rock and sand that would have been carried down.

If it had held back the water like a dam, the health centre would have been flooded.

Meanwhile down in town, work has stopped on the reconstruction of the Avenida da Liberdade. Quite what the next stage will be I do not know, but there is no activity at all on that damaged section.

A temporary road has been laid through the relatively undamaged car park allowing access into town for deliveries and official vehicles. The barriers have been removed, there is nothing now to stop ordinary users heading for the parking areas there.

A lot of the normal parking is now available at that end of town and for the time being it is free as all the ticket machines were damaged. Access on foot is not a problem, but buses and taxis will not be going that way for a good while yet.

Some work is under way now to replace cobblestones that the water ripped up. Some basements are still being pumped free of mud.

Slowly, slowly more businesses are re-opening. I will have another look at the weekend.


9 Responses to “Albufeira flood cleanup continues”

  1. thanks for your regular updates on the flooding aftermath, we are visiting albufeira at xmas and have found your blog most useful and reassuring, please keep up the good work as it’s hard to find progress reports anywhere else online.

  2. I read every day the story of Albufeira , good to see that Albufeira is back on business . I have a question , do you know of the Inatel hotel ( the new one ) is on business .

  3. HiTom
    Thanks for taking the time and report on what is going one around the Pingo Doe and the health centre

  4. Glad to hear that it’s going well it’s such a beautiful place and the people are wonderful thoughts are with everybody there xxx

  5. Hi Tom
    I’ve just booked a 5 day holiday at the santa eulalia hotel and spa on April 16th 2016. After booking I looked up vids on you tube and saw the devastating floods so I’m wondering is the town habitable with restaurants and bars open yet?
    What a terrible thing to happen to you all
    Christina x

    • Only a very small area of the old town was affected and most repairs to roads etc were completed before Christmas. If you go there now and didn’t know, you cannot tell anything had happened. A few businesses have not re-opened and are still repairing, but most of them would not be open during the winter anyway. Santa Eualia is nearly two miles away and that end of town was not affected at all. Have a good trip.

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