Albufeira flood update 16th November

In Albufeira, Algarve on November 16, 2015 by cubsur51 Tagged: , , ,

I had a walk through town on my way to the shops earlier.

Two key things – almost everything in Avenida 25 de Abril (the road between the square and the pier area) is still closed. The two small supermarkets are still cleaning up and removing damaged stock. The only restaurant open is Urban Pizza, whose kitchen is slightly above the flooded area. Also closed are the large tourist restaurants around the square eg Buddy’s, Bravo, Vertigo, Central station, Bank and Downtown. Several of these would be closed in any case during November.

‘Bar Street’ is still also almost entirely closed for business, but most venues would also be closed at this time of year.

Secondly, reconstruction of the road is proceeding but no-one was actually working today. To my eyes it looks as if a vast mass of damaged cables and pipes is waiting to be removed.

I have some pictures from today which are at


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