Salgados Lagoon Albufeira – updated.

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I went around to the Salgados lagoon yesterday on my way to Armação De Pera. About half the lagoon is dry. The sand bar was breached by the flood water. River water is currently running out to sea. The other half is pretty full, so there is no problem for the birds.

Salgados Lagoon 14 November 2015

A few more pictures at


2 Responses to “Salgados Lagoon Albufeira – updated.”

  1. Hi Tom
    Your posts are a fantastic source of information.
    I remember following them when the tunnel along the main road ws being bult.
    just wondering if you could post some info regarding the status a look of the area beihond the tunnel towards the Pingo Doce and health centre
    Thanks and keep it up


    • I have just been past the Pingo Doce and health centre. Pingo Doce is still closed, there’s no indication when it may re-open. Further back along the river work towards and outside Albufeira Camping, is under way to remove the vast amount of debris which would otherwise be swept into the drains when it rains hard next time. The tunnel is closed off as the path and road into the town were swept away, as you will have seen from the pictures. It will be along time before that is back to normal, as there are higher priorities.

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