Albufeira flood update 11th November.

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The clean up and rebuilding operations are going well. The continued warm and dry weather is certainly helping.

The main road into the old town, Avenida da Liberdade is having to be completely rebuilt. In addition, power and phone cables are having to be relaid. Water mains are being replaced.

A few shops and cafés along the wide part of the Avenida are now open, but beyond there into the square and through the old town almost everywhere is still closed. Many restaurants and bars would not normally be open in November anyway.

Basement car parks are being pumped out. Many businesses are still drying out.

The beach is being reshaped to fill the canyon caused by the floodwater. Tides are high at this time of year and there is a slight risk of seawater coming into town which would be no good at all.

Away from the major impacted area, business is already back to normal.

I have updated my status map as below. Click to view full size.

I have also added some pictures to the album at – the caption will tell you where to begin. Click to view.

I probably won’t be in town again until Monday.


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