Albufeira flood update 9th November

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I will do a bigger update on Wednesday, but just quickly I noticed on my way to the shops this afternoon that machinery was busy tearing down the overhanging bank above the Avenida da Liberdade, opposite the car park. Someone obviously thought water cascading down that hill is a problem.

Albufeira Avenida da Liberdade 091115

There is no longer a GNR road block at the top, although there are still barriers part way across. You can walk or cycle down ok through the relatively undamaged car park. One or two cars were doing likewise but obviously can go further than the car park.

Meanwhile, let’s hope something is done soon about this. In the 250 metres or so along the Avenida dos Descobrimentos from the Dolphins to the Dois Mundos roundabout, five of the seven drains were blocked. This is not new blockage either, plants are sprouting in the clay that has been there for months, if not years.


3 Responses to “Albufeira flood update 9th November”

  1. Thanks for the website. We have an apartment at near the Dolphin roundabout and I was worried that it might have affected the garage down below from the apartment. We are back in December. Hope that the town centre can get back to normal. It is so sad. The small businesses will fold. We left there about 2 weeks ago, and we had no water for 2 days. The council/water board didn’t bother telling us that they were going to shut the pipes down for 2 days! It was such a bother!! Especially without warning. So, I was thinking if they are that slack, then when it comes to building back the town centre, they will be slack too! Should have more confidence really!

    • I live just up the road in Páteo. Other than a power cut on Sunday 1st, there were no problems but down in town some of the water mains were simply washed away. Friends of mine in town neither power nor water for 36 hours, understandable since their apartment is right on Avenida Liberdade.

      Everywhere has power and water back on now. People have working almost around the clock, both official and unofficial. Good progress is being made but some basements were flooded to the very top. 150 cars were damaged beyond repair, many basement storage areas are still being cleaned out. Around 9 feet of muddy water invaded some premises. Last week the government released emergency funds to assist in the recovery operation. It has been warm and dry now for a week, which is greatly helping as well.

      (You can claim compensation from the Albufeira Council for a lack of water, if you can prove it.)

      • Thank you for your advice. I will keep it in mind. We are out in December so it will be interesting to see for ourselves how much work has been done. Thanks again for our photos and updates. We love looking at them!

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