Albufeira flood update 7th November

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Albufeira flood update 7th November

I have added the pictures taken at lunchtime today to the album at

The caption will tell you the start point. I have now been able to caption the pictures.

The loudest noise in town was the sound of industrial dryers. The warm and dry weather is helping the clean up. A couple of the chinese shops were busy hosing down their plastic shoes so they can put them back in stock. Squads of cleaners were descending into basement car parks.

The escalators are not working but can be used. GNR are no longer stopping people walking down into town, in daytime at least. There are a few piles of sand and rubble to be moved, but most has gone. Reconstruction of the washed away road is proceeding at pace.

It’s difficult to say when everywhere will be open, that wants to be. A friend´s reckoning of a week or so for some seems about right to me, but larger places have more to do and more to put back together.

The flag of Albufeira flies!


One Response to “Albufeira flood update 7th November”

  1. wow tom, what a great insight into this awful event, we had a villa near silves and are so upset at this disaster, wish everyone all the very best for the future, love albufera! thanks tom!

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