Albufeira flood update

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I walked through the affected area around 945pm last night. Cleaning up operations were winding up for the day. There is a still a thin layer of mud but this is gradually being washed away by light rain or hosepipes.

Earlier I saw damaged cars being removed from basement car parks.

All the  major debris has now been moved. Restaurants, bars and shops are still closed while they await new furniture, fittings and stock. Such things do not appear overnight.

The expectation here is that those that would normally open in winter will be open in perhaps two weeks, maybe less. A major priority is to get everything ready for New Year’s Eve. This includes repairs to the beach where several thousand cubic metres of sand were washed away.

I will be taking photos tomorrow (Saturday) morning.


3 Responses to “Albufeira flood update”

  1. look forward to your photos tom like to see whats happening with the clean up thanks pat

  2. so sad,,,hope the clean up is getting better,,,,,im a 15 year traveller to albuferia,,,twice a year,,,ive saw the square been redone a few years ago,,,,,such a shame,,,my heart goes out to everyone,,,we go to reis dos mas restaurant on the beach a lot,,,,how is that looking,,,has it gone with the floods

    • Sorry for the delay in replying. I don’t know the Reis do Mar restaurant however at least one of them along the beach has totally disappeared, down to the foundations. Whereabouts is it? I can have a good look at the weekend. Send an email to to remind me.

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