On the afternoon of my tourist day here in Wales, I took a train up to the very end of the Rhondda Valley to the small town of Treherbert and the neighbouring village of Blaen-y-Cym. That village marks the literal end of the road along the valley. I enjoyed a walk through the quiet streets and up into the surrounding hills, once the scene of noisy industry, now a place to keep horses, chickens and ducks. There were also some very nice blackberries!

For around 100 years, the Rhondda was one of the centres of the Welsh coal industry. This small area alone had several mines and was criss-crossed with railway lines to take the coal down to Cardiff and the export trade.

Some collieries closed after a few years but the industry had a major role until the 1960’s when the big closures began. By 1990 most of the mines had closed. The final major closure took place in 2008 and there remain now just a few tiny operations.

Now, virtually all trace of this former industry is gone. Buildings have been demolished, landscaping has obliterated the huge waste tips and the railways were long since lifted. As local media says, the hills are once again green.

My pictures at show the land as it is now. I found this useful resource for the former collieries on South Wales – which lists every colliery he says!

You can Google for much older pictures like this Coal and this Coal2

Next stop, the cricket at the Swalec Stadium. Day four of four is tomorrow, Saturday 12th.


A visit to Treherbert, Wales

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