Soulac sur Mer Festival of the sea

Sunday 9th August was the annual Soulac sur Mer festival of the sea. The great and good, plus many others, gather for a morning service in the historic 11th century church. After that they proceed, escorted by a band and a general throng, through the town to the seafront. There various speeches are made, blessing the sea and all who sail on her, remembering those who have died etc.

There were only a few boats out to sea, I had somehow expected more. But the weather had been poor that morning, with a lot of wind and rain. There was some skydiving and a flypast by four or five aircraft from the local aerodrome.

The great and good no doubt head off for a good lunch, the band plays on and various other little events go on throughout the day. All in all a good example of a local tradition being maintained.

It’s a bit difficult to take pictures because of the crowds, but there are some here.


Soulac sur Mer Festival of the sea

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