Cold, grey and wet in Tonbridge

My first day and it’s been very damp, grey and not very warm. And it has been raining on and off. A toal contrast to Albufeira yesterday.

I haven’t been back to Tonbridge for 8 months and noticed some changes almost straight away. The railway station car park has gained an upper deck. Two massive cranes are towering over a huge new apartment dedvelopment on a former industrial site right in the centre of town.

The marketers of that development will surely not overook the fact that ‘opposite Waitrose’ is a major selling point. (For those who don’t know, Waitrose is seen as the upmarket UK supermarket chain.) It’s also 3 minutes walk from Sainsbury’s large supermarket and importantly for many prospective purchasers only 4 or 5 minutes walk from the railway station for those working in London.

It’s good to see old industrial areas being developed in this way and not being left empty.

Prices start at £205,000 if you are interested. See

I’ve borrowed a bike from friends for my stay. After an initial hitch when I discovered that the handlebars were loose, requiring a visit to a local bike shop, I set off on a little journey around some of the places I once rode around.

Not far, about 9 miles in all, but it was a bit hillier than I remember. Or is it me getting old? It was a grey day, drizzly and cold. The ride took me around the Tonbridge Sports Grounds, along the riverside tracks to the nearby village of Leigh and back into town via various country lanes.

Even a dank and fairly dismal day didn’t stop people being out and about on the first day of the Easter holidays. The children’s play area was busy, somne young people were playing tennis. I saw plenty of runners and joggers, not to mention properly dressed cyclists. Sensibly dressed people were out walking their children and dogs, in no particular order. Just out of town is the Hayesden Country Park, where numerous local men were out fishing. Their shelters were dotted around the various lakes, which were formed from old pits where gravel was once extracted.

The lakes have ducks, geese and at least one pair of swans plus diverse other aquatic birds.

Around the lake small children were getting wet and muddy playing on their bikes, something I didn’t think was allowed any more.

Anyway, it was a nice ride if a bit wet.

I managed to get a few pictures although it was too wet at some points. You can see them at

I am hoping for some better weather on Sunday when I next intend to be wielding a camera.


Cold, grey and wet in Tonbridge

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