Some more fairly uninteresting pictures of Albufeira

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EDIT 19 January – added a few pictures to the album below and not just of potholes.

I was out and about on Friday, taking my camera with me as I wanted to start a pothole topic on another forum.

The poor condition of many of the streets around town is causing concern, as it is positively dangerous on a bike or motor bike along some roads. Riding on a bus brings great danger of your internal organs being re-arranged and quite likely the bus breaking an axle.

We did have one important street resurfaced last week but there is plenty more work to be done as the first few pictures will show. Local elections are coming up later this year so I would expect at last some effort to be made to clear up the worst.

I also took some pictures down at the Praia da Oura (Oura beach) area but it was raining. Then there are some general pictures of various parts of town that don’t often get photographed, taken while I walked back home. The parts where the people live who wait at table and work behind the bar when people come on holiday. And a couple of the nicer bits.

One thing I also noticed yesterday is a big drop in property prices being advertised in the local estate agents. Reductions of 10% on the original price are common, even 20% can be seen. A 90m space 2 bed apartment can now be had for €70,000 and a six bed villa for €250,000. That latter price would barely buy a two up, two down hovel in my former home town of Tonbridge, Kent.

Here are the pictures.


One Response to “Some more fairly uninteresting pictures of Albufeira”

  1. Tom, we were there for two weeks in January – around the time of your pictures – and traipsed round in the cold and wet, seeing many of the locations shown in your pictures. We are back in April, and hope for warmer weather! Regards, Geoff Willis.
    PS Keep up the good work on the timetables – we would be lost without them!

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