A short day out to Vila Real de Santo António

In Algarve on December 4, 2014 by cubsur51 Tagged: ,

My upstairs neighbour was indulging in a spot of very noisy DIY, much hammering and bashing, so I took myself out on the train to the easternmost town in the Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António. It’s only €15,50 return for the 90 minute trip. I also wanted to try out my new small camera. The shop agreed the original was not repairable. As it was still under guarantee, I was offered the current model if I paid the 99 cents difference in the price!

As it has 25% more pixels and a better zoom lens, I accepted.

The sun was very low in the sky and there was a lot of cloud. I think the camera is rather more sensitive than the one I had before and several pictures came out rather dark. Something I shall have to work on.

I plan to go down to Albufeira beach tomorrow (Friday) and see what I can get there.

Meanwhile, here are few pictures of Vila Real de Santo António. The fianl few will be only of interest to rail fans.


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