Albufeira then and now

While I have been kept indoors, a couple of old pictures of Albufeira have been found by one of our regular correspondents elsewhere. I thought I should share them with you, plus a couple of ‘then and now’ shots.

We are not sure of the date of this picture, possibly late 1950’s before the Sol e Mar hotel was built.

Albufeira beach unknown date

Then and now shot, a bit small sorry. The roof of the modern restaurant blocks most of the view to the right.

Albufeira Praia do Peneco then and now.

This one is from around the same date. A local resident says that the boat probably belonged to a local sailing club. it is obviously not a fishing boat! On the right, the same place as near as can be found, taken last week.

Albufeira beach then and now

Two wider angle shots of the Praia do Peneco, taken from where the Sol e Mar hotel now stands.

Albufeira Praia do Peneco 1950's
Albufeira Praia do Peneco unknown date

A close up of terrace and steps to the beach. This area was altered a lot when the Sol e Mar hotel was built in the early 1960’s.

Albufeira beach terrace unknown date

And this one comes from a book of old photos published by the local museum and is dated 1936.

Albufeira Esplanda do Tunel 1936

Woman fishing

Albufeira woman fishing unknown date


Albufeira then and now.

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