The rain and sun caused a few problems but I hope these are ok. La Rochelle has a long history, mostly it seems of sieges and warfare from the 12th Century to 1945. Luckily for the present day, the city was surrendered without a fight in May 1945 thus preserving the medieval defensive towers and many other very old buildings.

Possibly the two biggest events were the siege of 1627 – 1628 when 15,000 of the town’s 20,000 population died and then the events of the Second World War. In the first, the town held out for the Protestant faith in direct opposition to the Catholic king. The ultimate defeat resulted in the demolition of the town’s landward ramparts but the sea facing defences were spared.

La Rochelle was the last German stronghold to surrender in 1945, on 7th May. The local commander saw the futility of battle, being completely cut off and surrounded. The city was therefore spared bombardment and thus the centre is very much as it was 200 years ago.

The city is probably best known for the three towers that defend the old port. These date from the 14th and 15th centuries and although much altered internally are still outwardly as they were. The Chain Tower was deliberately blown up by its defenders in 1651 and was left as a shell until 1951 after which was restored! All can be visited.

La Rochelle Wikipedia article to give you some background.

General Views of the town

The Towers

Next, small, set of pictures in a day or two.



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