This morning I took a two and half hour walk along the beach northwards from Soulac to Le Verdon. From recall the sand dunes have receded here as well. Certainly there was a lot more water left behind in the ‘Cantines’ (artificial lagoons behind sea defences) and some long buried railway track has been uncovered.

After lunch the chance of a boat trip presented itself. Two and a half hours were spent around the Gironde estuary, going to the lighthouse, sandbanks, along the coast past Royan and the fascinating cave houses at Meschers-sur-Gironde.

I took far too many pictures which will take a day or two to edit. In the meantime, if you can read French, try this page about the ‘residences troglodytes’.

There is a short article in French at concerning the original construction of the sea defences in the mid 19th century and this Youtube video ( of the sea crashing against the defences in 2011.

Winter storms have hurled some of the huge rocks over the sea wall and also have started breaking up some of the concrete laid down in the late 1960’s. Nothing much has been done since and it seems the forces of nature will soon have their way here as well.


A windy day

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