Visit to a vintage tractor show at Gaillan-en-Médoc

On Saturday I went to take a look at a display of vintage tractors at the village of Gaillan-en-Médoc, just outside the town of Lesparre. There were plenty of well restored vehicles, mostly from the 1940’s and early 50’s but some earlier. Also to be seen were various agricultural items from much earlier. A boot fair (in French it’s ‘vide grenier’ literally ‘clear the attic’) was also taking place. I turned down the opportunity to buy even more rubbish, but there were some tempting items. But I couldn’t somehow see me getting a sword onto Easyjet coming back!

(There is another one 25km down the road this Saturday, so it’s an excuse for a bit iof a ride and maybe some acquisitions.)

The machines were tended by a typical collection of old chaps with greasy hands. I did notice that one or two had less than the normal complement of fingers, so perhaps their charges had got the better of them in the past!

The pictures are here

A huge old threshing machine was one of the highlights and a demonstration was scheduled. The machine was powered by a static tractor using a system of belts, pulleys and strange bits that went in and out and back and forth. Everything
started well enough, but after a few minutes there were cries of ‘stop, stop’ (in French of course) as something had gone wrong and stuff was flying out at all angles. Stop they did, many men put their heads inside hatches and spaces, there was much scratching of heads but no joy. And they went off to lunch! They were going to try again in the afternoon but I had seen enough of how it worked.

(I have a short video which I am trying to upload.)

Still, it had been a nice morning out in the countryside. It wasn’t too hot, so I cycled the 30km back to Soulac via the country lanes. Hardly a soul was to be seen, except those driving frantically along the main road in search of their holidays.

The only slight blemish on the day was when I went to the railway station that morning for the 0954 train to Lesparre. The girl at the ticket office me if I had a seniors reduction card. Now I know I am not at my best the mornings, but that is the first time anyone has asked me that. I did say I had an English one, but that did no good. I had to pay the full €5,80 for the 20 minute ride.


Visit to a vintage tractor show

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2 Responses to “Visit to a vintage tractor show”

  1. Tom – Most interesting. Sounds like you’re having a good time!

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