Hastings visit

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A day trip to Hastings on Friday 30th May. It was a cloudy day and quite windy. Schools were on half term break, so the town was busy with families determined to enjoy themselves in spite of the indifferent weather.

Hastings was the nearest seaside town to me when I lived in England. The beach is pebbles and shingle, no sand at all.

The town has suffered a lot in the recent past. There is little in the way of local industry. Unemployment is high, around 5.2%. That doesn’t sound a lot but it is much higher than most towns in the region. Parts of the town had become rather run down and neglected. The seafront had an unappealing collection of fast food outlets and amusement arcades and was generally a bit tacky.

Also it has a reputation that many illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are housed here. That may not be entirely true, but certainly it’s not unusual to hear Eastern European voices.

Efforts are being made to improve the town. The pier, which burned down in 2010, is now being restored and repaired. A number of new attractions for tourists have opened since I last went there.

Incidentally, the famous Battle of Hastings was not fought here, rather it took place where the town of Battle now stands a few miles north.

My pictures of Hastings are here.


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