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Two days of foul, wet, weather meant no cricket to watch. I decided to visit a few places I have not been to for years and years.

Battle, a few miles from Hastings, is the location of probably the most well known battle ever fought on English soil. In 1066 the invading Norman army under the command of Duke William of Normandy clashed with the Saxon army of Harold on the hill of Senlac. As every English school child should know, the Normans won, Harold was killed and William crowned King on Christmas Day 1066. The rest as they say is History!

The Abbey was founded in 1095 on the site of the battle and the town, imaginatively to be named Battle, grew up around it.There are many very worthy buildings but, as with so many towns traffic, parked cars and insensitively placed modern street signs get in the way in all the time.

The town is now a tourist destination especially it seems for school parties. Battle is easy to get to by train from London and elsewhere, being served by commuter trains on the London Charing Cross to Hastings line.

I also visited the small village of Bell’s Yew Green, just outside Tunbridge Wells. I don’t advise anyone to walk along the road as I did. There is no footpath for much of the distance and the traffic is  very heavy. In this well-heeled area there is a very high proportion of very expensive vehicles with personalised number plates zooming around and not expecting to actually see anyone walking!

Final visit was to the village of Robertsbridge. Traffic is not quite so manic there, so I did manage to get some good pictures. I hope.

Pictures from all three are at


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