Visit to the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells, Easter Monday 21st April.

I hadn’t been there since the line closed to regular passenger service in 1985. The Spa Valley railway runs between Tunbridge Wells West station and Eridge, where it shares the station with Southern Railway normal passenger trains. There is though no physical connection between the two railways.

The history of the line and other information can be found at the official website and on Wikipedia

The  Spa Valley Railway operates a mixture of steam and diesel trains preserved from the past. On the day of my visit, trains were being hauled alternately by steam loco number 62, named Ugly, and diesel 33 062 which is of a type once very common around these parts. These were built between 1960 and 1962 and about 25 survive on various heritage lines around the UK and a few are still seen on the main lines hauling tour trains.

Tunbridge Wells West station is a half mile walk from the main station (Tunbridge Wells) which is served by frequent suburban trains of the South Eastern Railway from London and all parts. One the reasons given for the original closure of the line at Tunbridge Wells West was that it would be too complicated and expensive to construct a turnback facility for diesel trains at the main station when it was being electrified in 1986. A short stretch of track connected West and what was then called Central station.

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Visit to the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells, Easter Monday 21st April.

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