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It was a really pleasant afternoon so I went for a walk from Santa Eulalia along the cliffs and beaches through Oura to Albufeira. Here are a few pictures. Santa Eulalia beach first, from above looking east. The area of the 2013 cliff collapse can clearly be seen.


Praia da Oura looking east.


Praia de São João. Remember when the sea used to come right up to that rock in the right foreground, even in summer? It seems the sand has shifted from nearer the pier down to this end.Image

Praia do Inatel – not bad for the end of January!


and the Inatel hotel looking good in it’s new guise.


Heading towards the supermarket and I spotted these happy creatures in the Bairro dos Pescadores (Fishermen’s Village) :



One Response to “ALBUFEIRA BEACHES JANUARY 31st 2014”

  1. love the photos of the dogs and Inatel beach. You’re getting very good.

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