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I have copied what follows from a post I made in the forum.  If you want to read more, including contributions from someone who had a place there,  read this item.

I was out walking (today) and I found myself at Vale Navio, just outside Branqueira. I knew there were ruins and stuff there from previous bike rides etc but I had never really looked. It was a timeshare development.

Made me think what Oceanville might look like in 10 years time.

It’s a huge site and I took a lot of pictures. These can be seen here.

I’ve done a bit of digging and found a couple of references, but as it goes back to pre internet days there may not be much.

The Algarve Resident has a short report from 2003 at

and there is this  story from 1993 the page title of which tells all

It’s very long.

The site is now completely derelict. Anything and everything worth taking has long gone and although none of the buildings have windows or doors most are basically  sound. It’s now a rendezvous for the local glue sniffers etc by the looks of it.

I found what must have been an office and still there were huge thick binders of correspondence from 1992 and 1993, back in ancient times when people wrote letters in ink on paper, so it’s preserved for posterity.  A quick flip through showed they were nearly all angry and complaining!

I found on the floor, having been ripped from a binder, a plaintive letter from a Mr Cheasman in Alford, Lincolnshire dated January 1993 in which he details a whole litany of complaints on his December 1992 / January 1993 visit and he concludes by saying he ‘feels like Ali Baba among the forty thieves.’

For those who don’t know the location here it is. A marks the spot.

vale navio


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