Salgados Lagoon

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Salgados Lagoon

Here are a few more pictures taken yesterday, 26th November.

Work continues on the rehabilitation project. Most of the area is dry, except for a couple of channels kept open to let the water flow. Pipes are being laid under the dunes to provide a means of better controlling the flow of water in and out, rather than waiting for it to burst the sand barrier.

All sorts of machinery was busy across the site.

(Sorry about the spots on the pictures. It looks like it is time to buy a new pocket camera.)

Many of you will now know that the Government has granted permission for development of the surrounding area into a golf course and three luxury hotels for tourists. The local council and local population are up in arms about this. They plan that was approved was drawn up ten years ago when circumstances were a lot different. On the Albufeira side of the lagoon there are several hotel blocks built five years ago, but never used. The company went out of business two years ago.  Barely 1km away in Armação de Pêra is another large site where a luxury resort was to be built., Work started, was swiftly abandoned and now all that you can see three years later are a few concrete walls.

The whole of this area is littered with half built and / or abandoned hotels and tourist resort developments. The last thing it needs is more such eyesores.

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