Pictures from Olhão

It’s been a long while since I have been to Olhão, so with the weather changing to cold and wet but a nice day in prospect yesterday,  I hauled myself over there on the train to spend a few hours walking around, snapping away.

The pictures were taken during the afternoon of Wednesday 20th November. The sun was very low in the sky so there are a lot of shadows on some pictures. Nothing much I can do about that. The pictures are here.

Olhão was once a major fishing port with several processing factories, but much of that industry has now gone. There are still a few boats operating but it’s very quiet. There is a small old centre of tiny, mazy, streets but most of the town is modern apartment blocks and very busy roads. There is a new hotel down by the waterfront, the Real Marina, as Olhão starts to find new ways in the 21st century.

It’s the town from which the ferries cross the lagoon to the islands of Armona, Culatra and Faro. These have a small resident population who rely on the ferries to get to school and the shops. A shopping trolley with wheels is essential for the islanders and OIhão has the only shop I have seen in the Algarve that sells them. When it’s time for the ferry to leave the pier is full of women (yes, always women) wheeling their trolleys full of shopping back to the boat.

In summer the ferries run frequently every day to take the many day trippers and holidaymakers across to the island beaches.

You can get to Olhão by train or bus from other parts of the Algarve and it is a nice day out.Train times here, bus times here.

Olhão local transport and ferry information here.


Pictures from Olhão

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