Pictures from Guarda

Pictures from my short stay in Guarda on November 11 and 12. I haven’t captioned them all as yet.

Guarda (pronounced Gwarda, gu as in Gwen) is Portugal’s highest city. The old castle keep is 1056 metres above sea level. That’s almost 3500 feet. The old city was built on a hill for defensive purposes. Thus the streets are very steep indeed.

I was lucky with the weather, with daytime temperatures around 20C. But when the sun went down there was a marked drop down as low as 6C in the small hours. it does get very cold up there, freezing temperatures and snow are fairly common in winter as are strong winds.

Everyone was well wrapped up.


Pictures from Guarda

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2 Responses to “Pictures from Guarda”

  1. Very interesting photos. Thank you. Did you have much interaction with the people in town?

    • Not really. I was only there for a day and was busy taking the pictures. I did speak with a few people at the hotel, but they were visitors like me. I thought that Guarda was one of the better provincial towns I have visited and may make a second and longer visit at some time in the future.

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