Returned to Albufeira yesterday. I have finished my trip to the north.

I left the hotel at 0945am, walked 3 minutes to the bus stop for 7 minute, 95 cents, bus ride to Guarda station. This big station has, at most, ten arrivals and ten departures each day including the international train to and from Madrid etc that stops in the small hours of the morning.

I took the local train from Guarda at 1038am, which winds its way for nearly three hours through the hills and valleys down to Coimbra – B, where I picked up the ALFA Pendular fast train to Lisbon Oriente. A wait of just less than an hour there and I was on my way south at 1720, arriving in Albufeira three hours later and all for €47.

Back here is it still warm at 21C but we are promised / threatened a week of relatively cold weather next week with temperatures down to 12 or 13C in the daytime and perhaps as low as 3C at night. Time perhaps to get the winter duvet out of the closet.

I have 100 or so pictures from Guarda to go through and will have them ready for you to see over the weekend I think.


Returned to Albufeira

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