Pictures from Covilha

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I cannot deny the fact that Covilha is, in parts, decidedly unattractive for the visitor.Parts of it are a nasty mixture of old and new, the latter seemingly dumped any old where. A modern shopping centre (Serra Shopping) was at least built near the town centre rather than miles out in the countryside, so people can actually get to it without driving. On Sunday night there were plenty of the local youth hanging around as they do.

The old city sits on top of a tall hill, a fine defensive position until the invention of gunpowder after which it became a matter of firing at the town until it surrendered.

Covilha was once a centre of the woollen industry but that declined in the 1970’s and with that the population of the town fell dramatically as people left in search of work. There has been somewhat of a revival in more recent times, with the University of the Beira Interior (UBI) being established as well as new industries. One of Portugal’s biggest toilet paper factories is not far away!

The most recent entrant onto the scene is a Portugal Telecom data centre, which lurks outside the town like a much bigger version of the monolith in 2001, A Space Odyssey.


It has a floor area the size of thirteen football pitches and apparently 50,000 servers. You cannot see them in this picture but there is a massive array of solar panels powering the place. Ironic that with all that stuff not a mile away I could only get a 2G connection on my notebook on Sunday night!

There is more about Covilha on wikipedia at


Pictures from Covilha

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