I am in Covilha

I thought I needed a few days away from the sun and sand of Albufeira, so a few weeks ago I fixed a short trip to the north east of Portugal, which is fairly mountainous.

I am currently in Covilha, a small city of 37,000 close to the Serra Estrela national park. It’s cold at night, just 6C, but at the moment warm and sunny in the daytime. There are ski resorts nearby (not working now) and the area is popular with walkers and hikers.


The sun comes up over some hills a few miles away. There is mist in the valley below. That’s a picture taken just after dawn this morning.

The breakfast room in the hotel was full of Spanish people dressed in bullfighting gear! And they had the best scrambled eggs I have had for a long time.

More photos when I have been around town.


I am in Covilha

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  1. Very curious about this area myself, can’t wait to see your photos.

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