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I have added a few pictures at the end of the recent Páteo and Cerro D’Águia album here

I took a new vantage point up near the water tower. Here are a few more pictures taken from up there of some of the less desirable sights of Albufeira, some of which many people don’t notice and certainly not many from the place where I was!

This is what would have been the five star Crowne Plaza Hotel, overlooking the marina, had the company building not gone bust three years ago.


These would have been the townhouses that would have been sold to part finance the project. The raw concrete and brickwork has been exposed to the elements for more than three years now. They will surely soon be beyond saving.


Close by is a patch of land that was intended to be phase two of the Albufeira marina. That project was abandoned in mid-dig a couple of years ago and the land is gradually being reclaimed by nature. There is all manner of construction materiel still laying around should you want any.


Finally, one of the most pointless pieces of construction ever. Who could possibly have though that building a 20 metre high wall at one end of the marina could have been visually acceptable and for what purpose was it intended? Anyway, the building of it was also abandoned about two thirds of the way through with the result that the middle unfinished bit was partly blown down in a storm. The whole futile structure is now a massive eyesore at the opposite end of the marina to the Crowne Plaza mess. And they wonder why visitors find the area unattractive?



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