Brejos area of Albufeira pictures

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Brejos area of Albufeira pictures

Yesterday I took a walk around the Brejos area in the north part of town. This is mainly a residential area of detached townhouse and some ‘urbanisations’. It also contains the relatively unlovely municipal works depot, the cemetery and a large modern school campus. I have avoided pictures of all but the cemetery.

Hidden away in the undergrowth is a mysterious site of an abandoned waterpark construction. There are many eyesores of abandoned projects and resorts developments around the area but as this is practically invisible I had never noticed it before. Here’s what it looks like on Google Maps satellite view.


and here is one picture


The rest of the pictures are at

In case you know Albufeira but are not familiar with the area, here is where I was



3 Responses to “Brejos area of Albufeira pictures”

  1. Tom, my name is Steve Farrell and im in the UK. I get a bit nostalgic at times and was recently trying to bring back memories of a family holiday to the Algarve in 1994. I was thinking hard and recall a strange day when as a small child I was walking through a residential area far from the busy strip, with my Nana. I remember stopping and looking across a road and seeing what looked like an abandoned water park just wasting away, there were some tube slides looking all rusty etc and the place was completely empty. That memory stayed with me for a while as ive always had a keen interest in abandoned places. I decided to look in to this and found the place we stayed was Albufeira and then came across your picture and map after having no luck finding out anything about an old water park. Surely this has to be the same place I was as a child over 20 years ago? Did you find out anything more about this site? Could this have had slide structures and a tower on it back in 1994 which were since removed? Would love to get more info on this. please msg me back

    • Sorry for the delay in replying. I missed your post somehow. I did ask a few people and that site was abandoned more than 20 years ago. It could well be the same place but no-one who has been here a long time could remember anything actually being built above ground.

      There was another small waterpark, near what is now the Erin’s Isle bar bar in Montechoro which was recently demolished that could have been the one you saw. That did have watersldes etc visible but had lain disused for years.

  2. Thanks very much for getting back to me. This is all becoming very intriguing. I have looked up the area you have mentioned and cannot find much information – some things on trip advisor suggest the pool etc was open just a few years back but the slides were closed, I am finding it difficult to get pictures of it, but if reviews as far as 2012 stated it was open, could the slides really have been dis used way back in the 90’s? The area certainly looks familiar to me but the area where I swear I saw these slides was quite like on the pics you have posted. This is all a bit of a mystery!

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