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I finally bought a new bike on Thursday and on my way back home on a test run I passed by the Crowne Plaza hotel site above the Albufeira marina.

It is a good while since I have taken any pictures so I thought it would be an idea to take some more.

The site has been abandoned since 2008. It is possibly the worst of the many eyesores of half finished resort developments that are blighting the landscape of the Albufeira area.

The Crowne Plaza group bought land in 2006 on the hill overlooking the Albufeira marina. the scheme was for a five star hotel flanked on one side by high quality town houses. the latter would have provided some cash flow.

I don’t know the full story but whichever genuis planned the scheme ran out of cash after only about a year’s work. If they intended to sell any townhouses off plan, that failed dismally. Construction work stopped abruptly in 2008 with the hotel building roofed and glazed but with no internal works started. The townhouses are just shells with breeze blocks and raw concrete erxposed to the elements. Trees and weeds are now growing profusely all across the site. Protective fences are starting to fall down and the whole site, which is several hundred metres long, is now a complete mess.

Soon the deterioration will be such that the buildings will either fall down or have to be demolished. the latter would cosst someone a small fortune.

Meanwhile the half finished buildings cruelly dominate the skyline above the marina as can be seen by this picture taken earlier this year.

My pictures yesterday were taken from close to the site and can be seen here.

Some earlier ruination pictures here

This area was considered so bad by the local media it featured on a national TV news programme at the time.


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