Pictures from Sandwich and Ramsgate

These pictures were taken on Monday 16th September.

Well, mostly. No thanks to an increasingly useless internet connection this set of pictures has taken a while to sort out. (Internet connection speed of 0mbps at any time after 1400hrs! Do not use Optimus mobile.  Unfortunately I am locked into a two year contract so must put up with this nonsense until January 2014.)

Anyway, the pictures include some taken from the top deck of the number 14 bus as it wound its way along the narrow country lanes between Canterbury and Sandwich. Not the best of pictures as they were taken through the window mostly while the bus was moving and it had just stopped raining, but I hope they give you a flavour of the area.

Then there’s a few of Sandwich, mostly the pubs. I then took the number 87 bus to Ramsgate. I visited often when I was young as one of my aunts lived there. The town has fallen on hard times in recent years but does have a good number of interesting and historic buildings, including a church dating from the 11th century (St Lawrence church, no pictures sorry) and some solid 18th century houses.

I returned to Canterbury in the afternoon when it was raining again, so no pictures.

If you are visiting the area, there’s no need to drive between the main towns or in fact to many of the scenic villages. Buses run every 15 or 20 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays until around 6pm between Canterbury, Sandwich, Deal Dover, Folkestone, Hythe and places in between. Evening and Sunday buses run about once each hour but not on Sunday evenings. Trains run between Canterbury, Dover, Deal, Sandwich and Ramsgate at least once each hour, seven days a week and quite late into the evenings. For details see

A day rover ticket for unlimited bus journeys costs just £6.20 (about 7 Euros or 10 US dollars) valid on all Stagecoach East Kent buses, which are almost all of them in the area.

The pictures are at


Pictures from Sandwich and Ramsgate

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