Pau Pictures

I must learn to be selective at the time of shooting! Anyway, the pictures I took in Pau are now in three separate albums at

Two albums are just general street scenes, one is a small set of pictures of the castle.

One picture deserves further explanation. This one is of the monument to the 18th Infantry Regiment which stands outside their former barracks and in the street named after them.


There is a rather faded plaque on the rear which states that the statue was the gift of one Alice Linzee Cushing to the city of Pau, in thanks for the assistance given by the regiment, under the command of General Lafayette, to the US Colonial Army at the battle of Yorktown in 1781.

Alice Cushing came from a long line of Bostonians, whose forebears came over from Norfolk (UK) to New England in the early 18th Century. She lived from 1869 to 1947.


Pau pictures

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