I am in Bordeaux for a few days before moving on to the seaside. It is hot,  30C today, you can feel the heat bouncing off the walls and pavements. It’s very, very, humid but sweating a lot will probably do me good as the doctor said the other week that I could sensibly lose 10 kilos!

I bought a €4,30 one day travel ticket so that I could have a good look around the city not entirely on foot. I shall leave a couple of the museums for a rainy day, so today was just about riding and walking around to see what there is to see.

I thought I would visit some of the worksites for the several extensions to the city tram network currently under way. They are spending masses of cash extending the network to more distant suburbs Every bus and tram I took today was crowded to overflowing when in the city centre and pretty busy elsewhere. There is a flat fare of €1,40 for any journey with various discounted passes and tickets to make it even cheaper.

Even so, I noticed that perhaps a third of those boarding did not use the ticket validating machines and therefore presumably did not have tickets. I then saw a squad of ticket inspectors getting ready to board a tram!

The trams and buses were pretty well on time even allowing for the extensive street closures and diversions that the pictures below will show. The only annoyance came when the number 7 bus I was waiting for didn’t run. The inspector came out of his office to tell us, which was nice. I shall leave my trip across the new Pont Chaban Delmas for another day.

I have taken a lot of photos of Bordeaux on previous visits so I don’t propose to take many more for the time being. I am going to make a day to go around some of the areas that are getting rather neglected. Like many city centres in France, Bordeaux has whole streets (more or less) of empty buildings gradually falling into ruin. These old buildings are becoming hard to maintain and presumably people don’t like living in them.

The pictures I took today can be seen here

They are rather large in their current form. I shall reduce them in size when time and software permits.



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