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I decided to make a quick visit to Sagres on Tuesday. It’s several years since I have been there.

Sagres is an historic place, more a large village than a town. It’s associated with Prince Henry the Navigator, the Portuguese explorer. The huge fort just outside town has a museum dedicated to him.

Sagres is a bit of a wide spread out place without a really defined centre. There is a fairly picturesque harbour which still has a number of working fishing boats.

There are a couple of large hotels in town and about a mile to the east two large tourist resorts have been built. There is one nice beach in town. Even in summer the sea can be very rough, in winter it is definitely inadvisable to go into the water.

Cape St Vincent, the most south-westerly point on the continent is a few miles to the north.

Sagres is easily accessible by bus from Portimao and Lagos. With some careful planning, as I had to do, also from further east like Albufeira.

Here are the pictures I took.


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