Albufeira beaches and the clifftop path June 11th 2013

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My bike fell apart on Tuesday morning, so I went down to the beach and ended up walking all the way to Vilamoura along the beaches and cliff paths. Here are some pictures I took on the way.

I started with no particular agenda, other than maybe to lose a few pounds, but decided I should document the path that runs part of the way along the cliffs between Albufeira, Olhos D’Agua and beyond. A lot of people ask about this.

it is not a peoperly defined or marked path, although is fairly easy to follow. It began as paths used by fishermen (and still used by them) to get to nice spots for a bit of fishing off the rocks. Now hundreds of feet have worn them into an almost continuous trackway.

The parts that are not along the beach are partly on sand, and partly on exposed rocks. Some short sections are very narrow, two feet (60cm) in width or even less. One one side there is a drop down onto rocks.

In a couple of places a climb up or down three or four feet (1 – 1.5 metres) of rock is needed. Steps have been improvised, but it can be slippery going as the rocks have been worn very smooth.

This walk cannot be done by anyone who is unsure on their feet, scared of heights, cannot climb a few feet up some rocks or who minds getting their feet wet. One important thing to know is that erosion of the cliffs has resulted in landslides. One short section of about 200 metres of path, between the Balaia and Maria Luisa beaches, has completely gone. There is no way around except to go along the rocks at the base of the cliff. This MUST NOT be attempted when the tide is rising. The sea completely covers the rocks and there is no way up the cliff as an escape route. Even at low tide, you will have to get your feet wet once or twice. There is also another short section near Olhos D’Agua where the clifftop alternative will be difficult. Luckily for me the tide was low enough to use the beach route, but it still meant a short distance through knee-high water.

I got the bus back from Vilamoura!


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  1. A marvelous set of photos. You must have Portuguese explorers blood in you.Your pictures continue to give me great pleasure as I can no longer spend winters in Albufeira because of ill health. My wife and I spent 15 years enjoying Portugal and its people and food. Thanks for all your effort.

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