Algarve Women’s Cup Day Three

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I was pleased to be able to see two very competitive games at Lagos on Monday. In very windy conditions, Germany beat Norway 2-0 to reach the final and in the second game USA hung on for a 1-1 draw with Sweden to reach the final. Sweden will play Norway in the third an fourth place playoff on Wednesday. The final, between USA and Germany, will be at the Algarve Stadium on Wednesday with a 5pm / 1700hrs kickoff. Unfortunately I shall be unable to go owing to the late kickoff time.

A good crowd, estimated at 750 watched the two matches.That’s three times as many as the local team that plays there, Lagos, can expect for a home league match in the fourth tier of Portuguese football.


Here are some pictures from the two matches – Germany v Norway and USA v Sweden

I may add some pictures to the second album tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Algarve Women’s Cup Day Three”

  1. Thanks for the picures of the Algarve Cup. They brought back memories of watching the games when Canada used to play in this tournament.For fifteen years my wife and i spent Febr. and Mar. at the Brisa Sol but ill health now prevents me from coming over We miss the food, the people and the long walks around the Algarve.
    You deserve a medal Tom for giving us such pleasure.

    • Art

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry to hear that you are no longer able to come here. It’s been very wet and windy this year and those Canadians I have met were slightly disappointed.


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