Algarve Women’s Cup 2013

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This annual tournament got under way yesterday afternoon. Here in Albufeira we had a double header of matches between USA and Iceland, followed by Germany v Denmark. A crowd of about 500 saw a poor performance by the USA, who nevertheless managed to win 3-0. The scoreline was a bit flattering to say the least, against a typical Icelandic side who ran hard, never gave up but cannot match the bigger nations.

The second match was played in wind and rain. Neither team seemed too put out by this although there was some slipping and sliding. The result was a 0-0 draw in a game dominated by defences.

I took a few pictures, you can see them here 


2 Responses to “Algarve Women’s Cup 2013”

  1. Nice action pix. And btw, USA is playing just fine right now…)

  2. Well yesterday was certainly better than Wednesday, despite the conditions. Could be a USA v Germany final.

    I have some pictures from the game, to be published later.

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