Views of Albufeira from above the marina

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Here are some pictures I took last Thursday from the hill on the far side of the marina in Albufeira. I have added captions and deleted a few pictures. Most of you will recognise the views.

You can get up there yourself by either walking around to the back of the marina, past the half built wall, then follow the rough road up the hill, past the gypsy camp and then past the very expensive houses to the very end of the road where there is small parking area and a viewing spot. By car you pass through the marina and take the first left once past the fountain and a couple  of buildings. Then follow the road up the hill with the huge abandoned building site to your right,.


3 Responses to “Views of Albufeira from above the marina”

  1. Out of interest, have you any idea what the ruined walls and gateway next to the fishing club used to be? It’s on the back road to the marina between the “new” roundabout and the marina roundabout. I always wonder about it when I drive past. Regards Maz

    • I have no real idea. I did hear tell it was at one time a livestock market, but haven’t ever been able to substantiate that. Part of the site was used for offices and storage while the marina was being built. Some of the structures have recently collapsed or have been demolished. Curiosity rekindled, I shall enquire further!

      • Thanks for your reply and good luck in your quest – I have no idea where to start looking for the info. To me ,it gives the impression of having been a rich landowners quinta or similar, many years ago.

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