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After several days of clear, dry but fairly cold weather the rain has returned. Yesterday we had a prolonged period of fairly heavy rain until late into the evening, followed by more rain during the night until early morning. This afternoon has seen two or three very heavy but shortlived showers.

Yesterday I was driven out of house and home by the noise and vibration being made by a group of workmen who are, slowly, excavating a trench along the length of my street. Despite the rain, it was time to go out!

The beach at Santa Eulalia (to the east of the main part of Albufeira) is a very popular spot in summer. Yesterday afternoon it was bleak and windswept.

Santa Eulalia Beach December 76th 2012
Santa Eulalia Beach (2)

Earlier this week I took this picture, barely 1.5km from the centre of Albufeira, showing an egret sitting on a sheep. I am told they eat the insects lodged in the wool and are therefore very useful to the shepherds.

Egret and sheep

A matter of grave concern is now exercising many ex-pats down here. UK TV and radio channels are migrating to a new satellite, which has a narrower footprint than the old one. It is expected that a much bigger dish will be needed than the current 1.3 metre ones that most people have. (I don’t have UK TV, so at home it will not be a problem.) No-one quite knows what the outcome will be, but in a few weeks we shall know. Some theories say that a 3 metre or even a 5 metre dish will be needed. No way will many people be able to put that on the roof or wall. Can we look forward to huge Jodrell Bank type setups in people’s gardens?

Meanwhile, what will happen in the dozens of bars in Portugal (and Spain) who currently show British football and other sports on UK channels? Sure, most of the football is shown on Portuguese (or Spanish) TV but since most British people won’t watch a game that’s in ‘foreign’ what’s to do? I worry for some people, that’s what!



  1. Hi
    I think you make some confusion with the satellite beam 90 cm is good enough for a good signal from astra in Algarve I watch Portuguese tv here in England with 60cm dish I live in Grantham the town were M.Thatcher born I live here since 1999 ;hope you have nice time in Algarve how long you live in Albufeira;in two months time I`m in Portimao for two weeks and come back to England life in Portugal no easy no jobs at all

    • Fernando, thanks. The problem is that the British TV stations are moving their broadcasts to a new satellite which has a much narrower beam. It will become impossible to receive UK TV through a satellite dish of even 1.5metres, some say as many as 5 metres may be needed! Channel 5 is already lost.

      There are alternatives for some people, internet for example, but in many areas like mine internet speed is very poor.

      Me, I live now in Albufeira for most of the year since June 2005. I have an apartment in Páteo, about 1km from the Centro Antigo of Albufeira. It is much better weather than the UK, I am sure you know this! But the mosquitoes are active early this year, i must go shoot some now.

    check this website is about the sat beam

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