Temperature hit 35C (95F) here yesterday. I took the newly repaired bike out for a ride. Foolish some may say and yes the heat being reflected off the road surface actually hurt my eyes! Anyway, refuge was found on the beach at Armação de Pera where the wind made it feel a lot cooler. The beach was packed, the waves quite large.


Big waves at Armação de Pera

Beach 2

Beach at Armação de Pera

Beach 3

Beach at Armação de Pera


Armação de Pera Beach

on August 22, 2012 by cubsur51


2 Responses to “Armação de Pera Beach”

  1. Ahhh – was only there 3 weeks ago… I like to go by the rocks at the far end, near the Sardinha Assada Restaurant. Thanks for the reminder! Cath

  2. Been watching your travel photos, they are as good as ever. I have of late a real strong urge just to have someone to talk to, and I really miss your emails. just hope you don’t hate me or something like that. I do hope you are well and happy. of course i don’t expect this posted or a reply — just needing to let it out on this end. MP

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