Soulac-sur-mer at dawn.

0630 and nothing much is stirring.

The Rue de la Plage is the town’s main street, lined with shops, restaurants, cafés and bars.

Rue de la Plage

The street is washed down early each morning in summmer.

The seafront is, at his hour, all but deserted. The building in the centre was once the Nouvel Hotel, now it is holiday apartments.


As the sun rose, three girls with brushes were busy sweeping the sand from the boardwalks. Sweeping upThe beach is many metres higher than in past times. The steps you can see bottom right lead up to the ‘promenade’.

Soulac in old days

Any provincial French town has its landmark public buildings.

The Post Office


The Mairie (Town Hall)


The indoor market

Marché Municipal


Dawn – Soulac-sur-mer

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  1. Great pics

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