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The Silves council has approved the building of three hotels and a golf course on nearly 300 hectares of land between the Salgados lagoon and the town of Armação de Pera. What you see in these pictures will soon be lost.

The developer has already stated that it doesn’t have the funding to complete the job! They ‘hope to attract foreign investment in due course. Where, in these harsh times, do they expect to get this from?

It raises the spectre of a complete string of unfinished building along several miles of coastline. We already have the half-built CS Salgados Mar resort hotel, abandoned when the company went into administration and at Armação de Pera the stalled lagoadasarcas development which barely got off the ground and stopped over a year ago. Insultingly, their website is still active and acting as if the place is open! The site is abandoned and has been for years.

The current scene at Lagoa das Arcas.Image

Clearly the Silves council is only thinking about the money the developer is offering. But they don’t have any!


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