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Some scenes from Soulac Sur Mer and the beaches!7980

These beaches are being eroded at a rate of over 1 metre a year. The changes were obvious since my last visit. There was a  public discussion meeting while I was there entitled ‘The beaches of the Point du Medoc- will they be gone in 50 years? There is a think layer of charcoal, obviously the remains of a forest fire long ago and the lumps are now strewn across parts of the beach.  Sandwiched between two layers of sand is a layer of clay, a kind of blue/grey colour which creates some odd effects. There are almost waterfalls where the rainfall soaks down through the sand, hits the clay and finds its own way out. On the way it becomes rather oily and has a lot of iron in it.

A trip to the Vauban fortress at Blaye. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this was one of three forts built to defend the port of Bordeaux. It remained a military establishment until some time after the First World War, when partial demolition took place. It was saved and declared a national monument in 1937.!7991

And here now is the complete set of pictures from the Soulac area!8027

Tomorrow, pictures from Donostia/San Sebastian and Bilbao. Time now to tear myself away from computers for a while.



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