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This annual tournament takes place early in march every year and features twelve of the best Women’s football teams from around the world. This year also marks the Women’s World Cup in June. This gives the week-long tournament an added edge as players and teams strive to improve prior to the world’s major event.

The games are played on various grounds around the Algarve and admission is free. Ex-pats come to support their home countries and there is a good number of locals just along to spend some free time watching football.

The skill and fitness is generally excellent, speed perhaps not quite as you would see at the highest levels of the men’s game but overall the matches are more satisfying than some of the rubbish served up on TV! There is almost no play-acting for a start off, which those of you familiar with Portuguese football and the antics of certain players in the English Premier League would be glad of!

Results from Day One Wednesday 2nd March

Japan 1 – 2 United States
Sweden 1 – 2 Iceland
China PR 0 – 1 Denmark my pictures here
Romania 2 – 0 Chile
Norway 2 – 1 Finland
Portugal 3 – 1 Wales

Results from Day Two Friday 4th March

United States 2 – 0 Norway
Japan 5 – 0 Finland
Iceland 2 – 1 China PR
Denmark 1 – 3 Sweden
Portugal 18 : 00 Chile result to follow
Wales 18 : 00 Romania result to follow

Final round of group matches Monday 8th March

Norway 15 : 00 Japan
Finland 15 : 00 United States
China PR 15 : 00 Sweden
Denmark 15 : 00 Iceland
Portugal 18 : 00 Romania
Chile 18 : 00 Wales

The Final will be played on Wednesday 10th March at the Algarve Stadium, Faro/Loulé, kickoff 5pm.


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