These pictures were taken on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010. It was a dull and cloudy day. By 3pm it was raining heavily.
Tomar is an old established town about two hours train ride north of Lisbon. It was the 13th century base of the order of Knights Templar. They built themselves a suitably grand castle on a hill overlooking the town. The order was abolished in the later Middle Ages but the town still keeps the heritage. The cross of the Templars can be seen on many buildings, flags and even on the pavement decorations.
The town centre has seen better days, but efforts are being made to improve its appearance. An old olive mill is to be converted into a museum and arts centre according to the posters but nothing seems to have been done since it was handed over to the council ten years ago.
By contrast, Entrocamento is a sprawling and suitably grim industrial town on the main Lisbon – Porto railway line. It is home to the main Portuguese railway repair and maintenance works. There are acres and acres of sheds, workshops, sidings and gently rotting materiel. Most of it however can only be glimpsed from passing trains.
Entroncamento is also home to the locomotive branch of the Portuguese national railway museum. This lives in a newly constructed roundhouse adjacent to the main station. For any rail history buffs, the roundhouse is open from 2pm to 530pm except on Mondays and Public Holidays.
Entrocamento is a fairly busy station being the junction (effectively) of three lines so there is always something going on. Several of my pictures were taken from a footbridge that straddles one end of the station.  There are no footbridges at the station itself, all platforms are reached by track level crossings with trains running through the station all the time.

Tomar and Entroncamento

on March 4, 2010 by cubsur51

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