A few pictures from Albufeira taken yesterday.

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2010 by cubsur51

The rain relented a little on Sunday, so I was able to get a few pictures on my way to the pub. However, it was nasty overnight and is raining very hard as I write at 1pm local time.
The new lift at the Rocamar is effectively out of commission at high tide at this time of year, as the sea breaks over the path and also covers that end of the beach, The tide was just on the turn and the sea fairly calm when I took these shots.
The beach was just about deserted as you might expect. It was quite windy and rather cold. The sea was right up to the cliffs halfway along the sand.
One piece of civic infratructure nearing completion in the old town is the new car park at Pau da Bandeira, on the clifftop above the pier and not far from the escalators.
This has been built on the site of the long-standing temporary car park, which itself stood on the site of the town’s first football pitch. Despite not being finished, the car park is open for business. It will cost you €6,40 to park all day. It is signposted P1. Needless to say it will be full from early in the day during summer, when it will be open 24 hours.
It’s just over the road from the Barrio dos Pescadores, whose residents will be looking forward to sleepless nights when they turn on the massive air-con equipment at the new car park.

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