Construction projects around town – and weather!

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2009 by cubsur51

These are just a few pictures to show the two major construction projects currently under way. The first few show the new multi-storey car park being built on the cliff above the pier. This is to replace the on-street parking down below lost when the old town was pedestrianised. Our council is leading the way in green thinking, ringing the area with massive car parks. Whether the Portuguese visitors, or anyone else for that matter, will pay €1 an hour to park here is another thing.
Another car park is under construction, just about, at the roundabout at the top end of the Avenida da Liberdade where the main road and the N395 join. That’s the N395 leading to Ferrieras, subject of previous albums with all the roadworks.
There hasn’t been much activity here, except for a couple of blokes with some sort of piling machine. This is supposed to be finished in time for summer 2010. Access will be through a tunnel to be dug under the existing road. I await the photo opporttunities that will present.
I also wait with great anticipation the queues and chaos around 8pm on a summer evening, when you all try to drive in and park there before heading off for dinner and again at midnight when you all try to leave at once.
Finally there are a couple of pictures to show you the sort of weather we have been having around here lately.
Next week I will, weather permitting, be out and about the Algarve and hope to bring you  some pictures of other places.

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