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These pictures were taken in the early afternoon of Tuesday 1 December.
Men and machines were hard at work despite it being a holiday. The new sections of the wider road are almost complete on the southern end but work on the section between the Health Centre and Clube Albufeira is only just getting under way. Meanwhile traffic is diverted around the back roads and side streets. It is still southbound only on the N395 itself at the Albufeira end. Outbound traffic has to go up the hill to LIDL and all round the back. Also closed at the Health Centre end is the road from Pateo and Vale Sta Maria, that goes past the building shaped like an eye. I’ll bet that’s pleased them in there!
The new road that will go up the hill round the back of the health centre is taking shape. The sub-base is being built up using the spoil from the massive heaps that were deposited when the new cutting for the N395 was dug out.
The footpaths that will run along the valley beside and above the river are taking shape gradually. There seemed very little activity on the site of the new multi-storey car park at the town entrance but I will try to get a closer look later this week.
Elsewhere in town the construction of the new indoor sports centre is well under way. This is close to the existing stadium.
The skate and BMX park is in the foreground.
Also in progress is the building of the new hotel and another car park above ther pier. I should have some pictures of that by the weekend.

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