Albufeira Civic works 25th January

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These photos were taken on the morning of Wednesday 21st January when (a) it wasn’t raining and (b) there was work taking place.
Two apologies – once again Spaces has jumbled slightly the order of the pictures. Secondly, I have still not worked out why the EXIF information (ie when the picture was taken) is showing incorrect information. Something in the camera setup (I was using the big one) is beating me with its technicalities.  The times are ten hours out – they were taken between 1100 and 1300 on Wednesday I assure you!
All pretty self-explanatory and regulars will recognise many of the locations.
There are now two locations within the old town proper where roads are being dug up and new drains etc being installed. These are (1) the end of the Rua 5 de Outubro away from the tunnel and the small streets leading off it and (2) Rua Candido dos Reis (Bar Street) between Hotel California and the Cais Herculano.
Also near the old town, the construction site for the second multi-storey car park has been fenced off, at the Av da Liberdade by the roundabout. Elsewhere around town various other civic projects eg the new indoor Sports Centre and completing various unfinished roads are getting started.
Cranes are venturing out onto the pier. The dam around the beach works has had to be reinforced as the tidal swells have ben very high lately.
Over in Brejos there are more building developments (I wonder who they will sell them to?) and several plots of land formerly vineyards or plantations now abandoned and waiting for the builders, The views over the countryside will not be there for ever.
I’ve thrown in one or two shots of more general interest including some green bits yet to be spoiled.

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